Carrinho Controle Remoto K929 Eletrico 4x4 Wltoys /18 Rtr

Carrinho Controle Remoto K929 Eletrico 4x4 Wltoys /18 Rtr

  • R$ 459,90

    R$ 459.90
  • 12x de R$ 46,17 com juros
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Total: R$ 459,90

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WLtoys Vortex K929

Main Features:

Four-wheel drive system: Superior traction, weight distribution, off-road capability.(These all-wheel drive vehicles are also more capable of moving on muddy surfaces or through shallow water.)
2.4G transmitter: High frequency, high interference resistance ability, rapid response, high control accuracy.
High speed battery pack: High capacity 7.4V 1100mAh battery pack provides K929 a strong power and a high speed up to 50km / h, and allows you to experience the super fast speed drift.
Cool outlook: Simulating racing car design with high quality PVC car shell and workmanship and comes with the anti-collision devices for safety playing.
Durable rubber wheels: Thicken corelss rubber tyres posses stronger grip.
Shock absorber devices: Special anti-shock devices play a part of preventing the running car from crash by adding the time of buffering.
Strong driver: Adopt 390 high speed motor for strong power.

RC distance: = 150
Running time: About 10min
Charging time: 45 minutes 
Battery: 7.4V 1100mAh ( Already included )


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Carrinho Controle Remoto K929 Eletrico 4x4 Wltoys /18 Rtr
Marca: Wltoys
  • R$ 459,90

  • 12x de R$ 46,17 com juros